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Christmas Markets Fun

Why Christmas Markets are Such Great Fun

If you are looking for something for the whole family to enjoy on a winter evening, a Christmas fair is perfect. At the best festive markets, the ambience is wonderful.

Christmas fair perfect

It is a great way to get everybody into a seasonal mood, and get started on your present shopping. There is plenty to do and see. Here is a taste of what you can expect to enjoy at a good Christmas market.

Live entertainment

Usually there is some sort of live entertainment laid on. Street performers, carol singers and live music are normally all part of the mix.

Christmas Live entertainment


If you go to a big Christmas fair, there are normally a few rides for the kids to enjoy.

Festive gifts

A Christmas market is a good place to find some nice presents. It is easy to find something special. Designers and artisans sell their wares at these events.

Christmas Festive gifts

Lovely Christmas food and decorations

Food is a big feature of these fairs. You will find wonderful Christmas treats, many of which make great gifts. You can also pick up the latest in festive decorations.

The chance to enjoy a hog roast

Everyone loves a hog roast, but unless you are lucky enough to be invited to a party or wedding where it is being served you never get the chance to enjoy this treat. However, at most large Christmas fairs you will normally be able to treat yourself and the rest of the family to some succulent spit roasted pork.

Christmas Festive hog roast

Whether you enjoy your Hog Roast Bolton or at a Christmas market in London, you are bound to want seconds. There really is nothing quite like succulent pulled pork in a soft roll, laced with your favourite sauce or a generous helping of stuffing.

If you can, visit the fair at night, so that you can enjoy the lights and soak up more of the magical ambience.

Hog Roast Bolton

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