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The secret dessert of Texas

Have you ever tried a dessert by the name of Pralines? Properly not, it wasn’t long ago that I didn’t know what they were. Created by French immigrants in New Orleans. Pralines is a popular French dessert made from almonds. I remember be given a gift box of them from a co-worker that I had helped in the past. I accepted it with gratitude, but mentioned that I had no idea what it was. All I was simply told was to eat it. Later that day I opened one up and tried it. The flavors exploded in my mouth, it was sweet and had a fudge like consistence. Its bread like appearance was deceitful to what I was about to experience. Anyways, I wanted to talk to you a little about what goes into these fine little diet breakers and where to get some, since it is not as wide spread in its popularity.


 The first thing I found out doing a little research into this desert, is the modifications that it has gone through in our country. Though originating in France, the ingredients use for what I ate had a huge difference. Utilizing walnuts instead of almonds, due to the scarcity of them when this recipe hit our shores. Gives the pralines a much different taste. And though I have tried it both ways, walnuts are my go to in this situation. It provides just such a different taste, that it is hard to describe beyond good.

Now that I have blabbered about my love for such an amazing dessert, I will tell you where you can get them. Besides a specialty baker. You can order these online from companies such as the Goode company. A company the surprisingly deals mainly in BBQ. Never the less this is where I had my first pralines from. The goody basket given to me was from them. Each box came with about six portions, which wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Now I know not everyone will share my love for this dish. But, it does have many occasions that is shines in. mainly the holiday seasons is where it shines. Surpassing and certainly replacing fruit cake as a holiday dessert. I have also found myself bestowing them in the same matter I was introduced to it. Quite frankly there is nothing but good thing to say about this dessert. I even went as far as trying other foods made by this company. Springing for their famous smoked turkeys, wanting to see if quality was throughout and I was not disappointed. Frankly, you don’t need a good excuse for great food.

Wrapping things up though, I would recommend pralines to everyone who doesn’t have a nut allergy. It might not be for everyone, but it is definitely worth a shot. You may end up enjoying it as much as I have. I would also recommend checking the rest of what Goode company offers, in the case you find something else that they serve.

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