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The Science Behind The Sliced Meat

Have you been wondering, if the BerkelSlicer can cut meat, just like it does cheese? Or why does sliced meat taste better? Here are some of the few reasons why you should invest in the Slicer from Berkel. The technology, the science and study behind its invention proves that the technique of slicing meat has been around for ages. Berkel gave it a form of a machine makingkitchen life extremely simple.

Reason you need a Berkel Slicer

Food must be suitable for cooking; some chemistry and physics apply. The physics creates a lot of chemical changes in the food; makes food tender, tastier, safer, and digestible. For instance, meat in its raw form without the right cut would be difficult to eat. Cooking properly sliced meat destroys the harmful bacteria, moreover, the flavor of meat and texture improve immensely.

When smoking meat, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes per pound to cook. Moreover, a large thick cut meat with high fat content serves the purpose. Thinly cut meat would need less time to cook.

An innovation that has evolved into the Berkel Slicer

In the ancient days, stone tools changed the way and kind of food that the Hominins could eat. The stone tools helped pound root vegetables into a paste and slicing meat with sharp stone flake. This innovative use of stone tools finds implementation in the Berkel Slicer by Wilhelm Van Berkel along with an electric motor.


Restaurateurs, Delis choose to use the Slicer to deliver their customers with perfect slices of meat. It allows Chefs to create perfect meat prepared safely and in a timely manner. For a perfect cut, the Slicers are available in different blade sizes, tray sizes, power and speeds.

The motor lends efficiency, along with the built in stone sharpeners, concave knife and the safety knife guards on its circular blade and big top-based tables that slide towards the blade.

Advantages of using a Berkel Slicer

The BerkelSlicers built to last and cut meat, bread, cheese in any set up; residential or commercial. This highly specialized Slicerdoes not need extensive repair, restoration or upkeep, single-handed, regular cleaning after every four hours of use.Sharp blades help keep up the quality of deli cuts as expected from the Slicer.

Consistently checking the thickness settings to ensure the slices of meat or cheese are the same each time. Practice proper safety measures while slicing the meat; according to FDA, sanitize the Slicer. Other areas to watch out for food-soil are the Slicer handle, blade guard, and ring guard mounts.


There are a few specificsto check;liketo avoid food-soil and accumulation of debris in loose, damaged, or cracked areas of the Slicer.


Manual and automatic Slicers are available at affordable prices. They can quickly cut even large pieces of meat with very little down time. It is highly reliable, easy to maintain, durable and affordable, and it will improve the quality of food, as well as the efficiency of the kitchen. Investing in the Berkel Slicerindeed maintains the chemistry of the foods like meat and cheese.

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