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Eat in Utah Valley

The best place to Eat in Utah Valley

As Voltaire stated, “Nothing could be more tedious than eating and consuming if God hadn’t built them into an enjoyment in addition to a necessity.” Here are a few of Utah Valley’s best restaurants – sure to become a pleasure.

Best Breakfast

Hruska’s Kolaches. This quaint, little store is directly on Center Street in Provo, easily situated near my personal favorite used book shop, Pioneer Books. Their kolaches are affordable, fresh all day long, and also the perfect breakfast for meeting buddies or getting something on the run. My faves would be the savory meat-filled kolaches.

Runner Up: Magleby’s. Sausage. Sausage. Walnut-flavored sausage. This can be a classic Provo eatery, ideal for taking pleasure in a sit-lower breakfast with family.

Best Thai

Spicy Thai. This is actually the best Thai food within the entire valley, and they’ve lots of competition. The most popular dishes are Yellow Pumpkin Curry with chicken and Pad Thai. District feels safe and also the services are always fast and friendly.

Best Fast and Cheap Eat

Sensuous Sandwich. I spent under $3, was totally full, also it was scrumptious. I acquired the spicy something or any other with cream cheese. Bueno.

(Runner up: NuSkin Coffee shop- very good, relatively inexpensively. I suggest the enchiladas. And also the one egg meal in the morning.)

Best Hamburger

So Provo is fairly saturated with hamburger joints and whether it is from me to assert to achieve the expertise which is better, but as i think In-N-Out is unequalled Five Men and Smashburger give an excellent fight.

Best Grill Food

They mostly simply have slider mobile phones, however i don’t really think about it as being a hamburger joint… Marley’s. (Also known as the Harley Grill) So great. Like it. The initial location is within Timponogos, however a new location opened up in the Riverwoods Mall in Provo. Both of them are fantastic, but when you need to purchase a Harley to choose your slider.

Best Classy Restaurant

Communal. I absolutely loved everything I ate here. Very classy, excellent service, excellent atmosphere, and pretty costly. But when you are searching for something legitimately nice in Provo, here it is. I have not had anything here which i did not love. I have frequently attempted to recreate my foods after that in your own home- not often even coming near to the original, which verifies my suspicion they use miracle in the kitchen area.

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