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How dressed up for a nice dinner?

When you want to get out of the house and do something special with your special someone, dining out at a classy restaurant is an appealing option. The atmosphere is relaxed, the decor is elegant, and most importantly of all, the cuisine is of the utmost quality and refined taste. And, the fashion sense at such an establishment is the tops, as they say, which brings me to my next point: what do you wear to such a fine eatery? How “dressed up” do you get for a nice dinner date? It obviously calls for something special, but what fits the bill without being too much?

Well, it’s different for everybody, but wearing flashy jewelry should probably be kept to a minimum. Only a select few restaurants call for such an extravagant look. No, most restaurants are not going to be white tie affairs, so there’s no need to put your precious stones on display, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. After all, a dinner date is as special as if feels to you. That being said, there are other, less extravagant jewelry choices, as well. Something silver or gold, understated, but elegant. That’s a look that’s sure to fit the mood and impress.

Then, there’s the outfit, itself. For men, this is a simple, cut and dry problem. Dress slacks and a dress shirt, or even a suit, tie optional. For women however, the problem and its solutions and more complex. There are a number of appropriate looks, ranging from near casual to something ritzier. So, it’s really up to you, so long as you’re not wearing damaged or dirty clothes, or just a T-shirt and jeans. Most dresses wouldn’t go amiss at such an establishment, but keep in mind that you should keep patterns simple, not too loud or busy, and a mid-length or long skirt is preferred, of course. Whatever the look you deem appropriate, don’t be afraid to buy a new outfit for this special occasion. Stores like Loft can provide you such a look without costing too much.

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