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A Guide to Ordering Cheap Beer Online

Ah, a world where we can buy cheap beer is truly a great one and thanks to the introduction of internet shopping; ordering anything online is now easier than ever before. From beer to noodles, from Australia to London – wherever you live and whatever you want – the internet provides you with an easy-to-use resource that you can use from anywhere in the world to order exactly what you want.

 The great thing about online shopping is that it offers you an easy way to buy things cheaply and this goes for beer, as well as food, clothes, beauty items and household goods. You can buy Heineken beer online & delivery in Singapore or wherever in the world you are based when you shop online and you can buy as little or as much as you want.

 Top Tips

 Here are some things that you should be aware of when you buy beer online through a reputable seller:

  • You can buy well-known brands such as Heineken
  • It is easy to choose an amount that suits you, from a small box to multiple cases
  • You can buy cans or bottles
  • It is easy to access cheap deals when you shop online to save you money
  • Many people choose to buy beer in bulk, as beer will stay in date for a long time

It is a good idea to look out for special deals and promotions when you shop online, as these will allow you to get even more money off when you buy your beer.


** Always check out the cost of delivery, as it may be worth buying in a bulk order to avoid having to pay the cost of delivery again in a few weeks or months when you want to buy some more.

Popular Beers

If you enjoy drinking a particular brand, then you are free to buy just one brand but if you want to try something new or you are throwing a party and you want to ensure everyone has a beer that they will like, then you might want to buy a mixture of different brands and even different types of drinks.

Below are a few of the most popular beers that are easy to buy online for a cheap price:

  • Heineken
  • Tiger Radler
  • Anchor
  • Haywards
  • Godfather
  • Skol
  • Singha
  • Sapporo
  • Raffles
  • Archa
  • Anchor
  • Chang
  • Leo
  • Dester
  • Hoegaarden
  • Corona
  • Budweiser
  • Asahi
  • Kingfisher

Many people wrongly believe that when they buy beer for a cheap price online that they are not getting a genuine brand but this is not the case. The reason why companies can afford to sell genuine products online for a cheaper price is that they have reduced overheads to cover, as they don’t need to employ lots of staff to manage an online store nor do they have to pay rent on a shop unit in a prominent position – allowing them to sell good quality brand name beers for less.

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